Friday, November 6, 2009

English Country Decorating Tips

Find out how you can have a piece of the English countryside in your home no matter where you live.

If you are planning on redecorating or remodeling your home, then why not adopt the formal and elegant atmosphere of English country decorating? Perhaps one of the most captivating aspects of this decorating style is the formal but neutral colors which fit with toile fabrics, formal furniture and antique accessories for an appealing effect. With this style, you can have the feeling of the English countryside no matter where you live!

When decorating your home in this style, you want to get great lighting. Consider picking out lighting that is formal but elegant which will go well with this decor. Perhaps some brass lamps with a formal style shade - not too fancy but not plain and boring either. You can also bring your fabrics into the lighting by using floral or toile shades on the lamps. If you are going for a more elegant style, you could even consider crystal lamps.

Your floor is an important part of your design so you want to be sure your carpets match the decor. Hardwood floors with area rugs go nice, but if you can't afford hardwood a wall to wall carpet will do as long as you keep it in line with the overall style of the rooms. In reference to colors, use creams and beiges and for style look at putting in formal style rugs or even oriental rugs if you have hardwood.

Accessories are a critical element in any interior design and adding paintings and knick knacks to your room could help augment the decorating theme. When it comes to accessories, a regal and elegant theme is terrific. Decorative accessories give a sense of personality to the room so be certain to select ones that exude your own style.

Picking out furniture which rounds out your design style will give your home a thought out charm. Generally, cherry wood pieces look great with this design theme. Typically, English country decorating works most ideal with formal style and you want your furniture to suit. You can use fabrics that are elegant like silks and even throw in some florals, toiles or even some antique needlepoint chairs for elegant accent pieces.

Your choice of window treatments can really pull your decor together. This method of decor goes nicely with curtains, drapes or shutters that have a formal look. You may think about purchasing striped or flowered curtains to complete your window design, or use formal silk style drapes.

Making the most of the English country decorating style is a great way to introduce drama into your home. By selecting the most fitting furniture and accessories, you can help make your home design look like it was decorated by a professional without having the high cost!
   By Lee Dobbins
Published: 3/18/2007